Intelligentsia Frontline is the wrong word for it all. They can all go on a lucky strike or quit and get new jobs if they want. In fact the nurses are bound to start industrial action soon according to basic economic theory. The Covid-19 misuse of the frontline phrase is all very degrading and insulting to the Vets.
Quiety sitting reading my book about FIFA corruption by Andrew Jennings today on a wood bench in the street I heard a normal looking middle aged man tell his normal looking middle aged woman friend how he was going to sleep in the public toilets tonight as a way of avoiding going back to the shelter to sleep. Now I have got home I remembered the Invisible People channel on youtube and figured some publicity here might help him. It was like something out of The Streets of London song I used to cover in a few open mic bars once. Completely heartbreaking really. This has become a special needs country now wholly dependent on the long term charitable business allowance of the RBC Group since accepting the help of HMS Vegas during ww2.
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